Erik Hanson

I'm a San Francisco-based software developer and co-founder of Citizen Code, a custom software development shop.

Over the years I've worked in C, C++, Java, Javascript, Ruby, and Objective-C, creating software for the web, MacOS, iOS, Android and WebOS for companies including Urban Dictionary, NASDAQ Private Market, NeedFeed, Pivotal Labs, and MacXperts. You can see the details on LinkedIn.


Current Side Projects

I'm working on another iOS app, this time using RubyMotion. I've also just started working on a website for software developers. Stay tuned.

Recent Side Projects is a simple site for getting help coming up with names for things. It's a pretty basic Rails / HAML / SASS / CoffeeScript / Bootstrap / Heroku app. Visit the site or see the code.

imageproxy is an open source image manipulation proxy server written in Ruby as a Rack app. It's a great way to resize images on the fly so you don't have to manually resize them every time your UI design changes. It works quite well in production (but for high-performance applications, there are undoubtedly faster alternatives). Check it out.