Computer Things by Erik Hanson

About Me

I’m a software developer and a partner at Reflective Software, a two-person software consulting company specializing in Elixir, Phoenix, and Rust. We are currently available to build (or to help you build) Elixir or Rust projects, or to help automate your development workflow. Read more about Reflective Software here.

I’m also a co-founder of the Golden Gate Elixir meetup and a relatively new co-organizer of the Erlang & Elixir SF meetup.

Recent Articles

Jumping To Related Files In Your Editor
Reliably jump from one file to any of its related files in your editor.
Version 1.0 of Test Reflector!
Test Reflector is a MacOS app that shows your GitHub Actions status in your menubar.
Extensions for Panic's Nova Editor
I wrote some extensions for Nova that you might find handy.
Querying HTML and XML in Elixir with HtmlQuery and XmlQuery
Find and extract information from HTML and XML using Elixir.
Creating an RSS feed in Elixir and Phoenix
It's easy to hand-roll an RSS feed using Elixir and Phoenix.
A Doctor To Check Your Development Environment
A flexible tool for sharing project configuration and practices among members of a dev team.
Using Scripts To Encode Your Development Process
Encode your dev team's process decisions in committed code.
The Daily Diff
A quick way to regularly expose the entire team to code changes.